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Product Description

    ZS-1021 High Temperature Resistant Sealant  is a kind of  environmental friendly sealants which is easy to apply. Only simple pretreatment is enough to apply the coating. It can work for long time under high temperature. The cured coating can resist temperature up to 800 with following features:
  •  High Stability
  •  High Adhesive Force
  •  No Cracking or Peeling
  •  Chemical Resistant ( Acid and Alkali)
  •  Wear-Resistant
  •  Shock-Resistant

Working Principle


Item Testing Standard Result
State in Container GB 9755-2001 5.3 No concretion
No flocculation
No precipitate
Color GB/T 1722-1992 Ash Black
Adhesive Force GB/T 9286-1998 1
Flexibility GB/T1731-93 3mm
Coating Hardness GB/T 6739-2006 6 H
Bonding Strength GB/T 16777-2008 8MP

Performance Test

Anti-Peeling Test HG/T 4565-2013 92%
Anti-Oxidation Test HG/T 4565-2013 No Corrosion,
No obvious oxide color
Salt Mist Resistant Test (240 h) HG/T 4565-2013 No foaming, No wrinkling
No Cracking, No Peeling
Salt Mist Resistant Test After Heating (24 h) HG/T 4565-2013 No foaming, No wrinkling
No Cracking, No Peeling
High Temperature Resistant Test GB/T 2423.2 800 ℃



It can be applied onto surface of substrate which call for water and damp proof, anti-oxidation and chemical resistant treatment.

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