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Our products are mainly composed of inorganic emulsion, aqueous emulsion, carbon nano-tubes, hollow glass nano-beads. So their average VOC value is lower than 16g/L. According to Chinese GB18582-2008, it meets HSE standard.

Our HSE advantages:
A) Our main products are absolute inorganic aqueous coatings, without any volatile toxic gas . They are non-toxic and do not pollute environment. Besides, they do not damage the health of operators. If skin contact happens, rinsing is enough to remove the coatings. There is also no penetration and absorption.

B) After the coating operation is completed, our coatings normally firm up at room temperature. As absolute aqueous coatings, only a small amount of free water volatilizes in firming up process. Even at a high temperature, only water of different forms volatilizes.

C) Since there are absolute inorganic components in our coatings, they have better performances of stability and aging resistance than the organic coatings. Even if they are used at a high temperature for a long term, there is no degradation. Within a reasonable service-life, their quality don’t change.

D) If out coatings expire, the post-treatment is eco-friendly. The main chemical composition of these coatings are TiO2, SiO2, CaO, Na2O,
Al2O3, Fe2O3, similar to main ingredients in geological layer. They can be directly crushed to be buried as a cushion, not polluting water.
Besides, they can also be broken to fitful size and be used as structural materials for building constructions, with a high value of recycling.

E) For our oily coatings , adequate ventilation must be maintained when operating. There is slightly pungent smell in the
operation, because of some volatile organic solvent. When the coatings are used in a reasonable range of
temperature, they do not decompose and their quality do not change.
Incineration can be used as their post-treatment, adhering to users’ local
environmental regulations and standards.

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