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Product description

ZS-511 is a kind of high-tech transparent coating with self-cleaning property. It adopts special material with single crystal structure. The cured coating has following features: 
 Extremely low surface tension

 Superb hydrophobic  and  oil resistant property
 Prevent surface from sticking by stive , dust and oil
 Self Cleaning
 Anti- cracking
 Scouring Resistant

Working principle

    The Nano-Material has both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. The cured coating can drain the water off and keep the outside water from touching the substrate. The special molecular structure will react with inorganic silicon and calcium content and form coordination compound. Thus the coating and substrate will have claw like osmosis which endow the coating with super adhesive force, high hardness. The coating can decrease the contacting area between dust and substrate by 90%, thus it can effectively decrease the friction between them. Thus the coating can prevent the stive and dust from contacting the substrate , the super low surface tension endow the coating with excellent self-cleaning property.


Item                                      Index                                                Testing Standard                                 
Appearance              Transparent Liquid                                        By Naked Eyes
Viscosity                            ≤40s                                                      GB/T1723-79
Solid Content                    30%                                                       GB/T1725-79
Mixing Ratio          Main Agent:Curing Agent=20:1
Curing Time           Summer≤4h,Winter≤8h                  changes with ambient temp

 State in Container       GB 9755-2001 5.3                   No concretion
                 No flocculation
                 No precipitate

         Color     GB/T 1722-1992              Transparent
   Adhesive Force     GB/T 9286-1998                       1
Water Contacting Angle     ISO 15989-2004                     115°

Performance test

Anti-Scouring Test GB/T 9266-2009 600 times
Anti-Contamination Test GB/T 9780-2005 95%
High Temperature Test GB/T 2423.2 100℃
Anti-Alkali Test GB/T 9274-1988 Saturated Ca(OH)2,  
48 h No Change
Anti-Acid Test GB/T 9274-1988 5% H2SO4  Solution
 48 h No Change
Anti-Salt Test GB/T 9274-1988 5% NaCl Solution
48 h No Change


2 L / Plastic Bottle

    The coating can be widely applied onto the surfaces of various building materials and the surfaces of ordinary glass, organic glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, textile etc. to achieve the effect of self-cleaning.

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