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ZS-1 Thermal Barrier Coating On Sale

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   ZS-1 Thermal barrier coatings  are designed to protect metal structural components from extreme elevated temperatures, thereby reducing stress and fatigue and increasing the part’s lifespan.
It is a unique refractory coating compound, which is a great benefit to the industries where corrosion and erosion is a severe problem for kiln steel shells. It seals cracks, preventing heat loss,  increasing considerably the service life of thermal heating systems, and therefore saves heat energy and reduces fuel costs.
    ZS-1 Thermal Barrier Coating (1000℃) is made from synthetic silicate solution, aluminum silicate fiber, heat reflective materials and selected hollow ceramic cenospheres.
    Since the thermal conductivity of  ZS-1 TBC is only 0.03W/m.K (Tested in 70℃), the coating barrier can effectively inhibit thermal radiation and conduction. Its thermal insulating efficiency can reach about 90%. For high-temperature objects, it can prevent thermal radiation and heat from losing. For low-temperature objects, it can reserve cold and effectively inhibit the loss of cold caused by environmental thermal radiation. In addition, it can prevent the objects from generating condensed water.


    ZS-1 (600℃)  This coating is mainly used  for steam pipeline and can withstand temperatures up to 600℃.
    ZS-1 (1000℃) This coating is mainly used in boilers and kilns as well as on metals. It can withstands temperatures up to 1000℃.
    ZS-1 (2000℃)  This coating is mainly used in gas burning tube and kiln. It can resist open flame and resist  temperatures up to 2000℃。


   Seals cracks preventing heat loss, considerably saving heat energy and reducing fuel cost
   Considerably increases service life of refractory linings and thermal heating systems
   Can be applied and used in lots of different industries and on lots of different components
   Excellent resistance to powdering
   The close-packed cenospheres form vacuum thermal insulating layer
   Odorless and non-hazardous
   Proven ability through previous case studies


    Kiln and Furnace door maintenance and repair.
    Kiln and Furnace wall / floor repair
    Protecting linings for industrial incinerators and boilers
    Kiln repair and protection
    For kilns or furnace chambers at high temperature: This coating can be coated on  bricks, insulating cotton, castables, magnesia, quartz, silicon carbide, metals and other materials.
    For equipment at high temperature: This coating can be coated on valves, molds, pipes, electric ovens, induction ovens, rotary kilns, tank and other equipment.   

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