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Product description

    The coating adopts special synthesized modified silicate solution as film forming agent, nano-scale rare earth oxide powder, metal oxide, optical brightener, heat stabilizer and other auxiliary agent as fiiler. The marking paint can resist temperatures up to 1800℃ with following features:
  •  High Adhesive Force
  •  High Hardness
  •  White and Bright
  •  Acid & Alkali Resistant
  •  Oxidation Resistant
  •  Non-toxic and Odorless
  •  Easy Application
  •  No color changes when working in high temperature

Working principle

    The high-temperature resistant marking paint utilizes high-temperature synthesizing technology, the filming forming agent is rather stable in high temperature. The coating later cured twice, once in normal temperature and the other in high temperature, which enables the coating to be applied in normal temperature or high temperature. 


Item Testing Standard Index
Coating Appearance By Eyes White and Bright
Coating Hardness GB/T 6739-2006 ≥5 H
Adhesive Force GB/T1721-89 Grade 1
Lap Shear Strength GB/T7124-2008 ≥8MPa
Tensile Bonding Strength in cold state GB/T7124-2008 10MPa

Performance Test

High Temperature
 Resistant Test
GB/T 2423.2 1800℃



It can be applied on the surface of metallurgy, steel, high-temperature furnace, refractory materials, medical synthesis, transporting vehicles, aerospace equipment.

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