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Welcome to Cooperate with ZS Coating

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    ZS Coating is a professional industrial coating manufacturer based in Beijing, China.
    We have supplied professional industrial coating services for domestic markets for more than 15 years and build good reputation with many leading companies in different industrial field.
    Seeing the condition, we find it our responsibility to let more people to get our professional services.
    In October,2016  we established Foreign Sale Department .
    In January,2017. We started our English website to let more foreign company to know us more directly.
    In April,2017. We started our Facebook page at
    In May,2017. We started our page on Linked-in at   
    Thus you can get to know our company more and more easily.
    Since the establishment of Foreign Sale Department, we have gained popularity by many users from different continents. Our ZS-1 coating became hot sale product.
    We are glad to see that more and more people are getting to know our company. Last month we have signed a 100,000 $ contract with one of our buyer. It’s a breakthrough for us.
     In the future we sincerely welcome more and more guys to know our company and work with us. We sincerely invite you to be our distributor in your country and work with us to build a better world.    


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