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ZS-1041 anti-corrosion coating to flue gas application

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    The application of ZS-1041 anti-corrosion coating to flue gas is specially used for flue which has severe corrosive gas problem.It can work in high temperature environment with low density and high hardness. It is a kind of anti-abrasion coating and long-live coating cause it can protect your flue for more than 10 yeats once applied.
    Another advantage is that it does no harm to environment during manufacturing , brushing and film forming procedure. Such coating can work in the temperature between 45-600℃, 800℃ in short term.
In conclusion, ZS-1041 can provide a perfect protection from corrosion mentioned above with following features:heat resisting, acid proof and alkali proof, wear resistant and a good expansion coefficient .It can avoid the tar’s adhesion. And it would be sustainable for at least 10 years.

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