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ZS-222 Reflective Thermal Barrier Coating Introduction

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    ZS-222 coating insulates objects from heat by its thermal reflection of sun light. To meet the requirement on the Chinese market, ZSWH Chemicals has launched ZS-222 coating.Since its thermal reflectivity to the sun is more than 90%, its coating layer can reduce temperature by more than 15℃ while the temperature of the inner space can be reduced by 3℃-10℃ in summer. The stronger the sun is, the more the reduced temperature by the coating is. ZS--222 coating is smooth and self-cleaning. Its coating layer can maintain a high thermal reflection for a long term. The coating is a kind of aqueous and eco-friendly coating, with the leading performances in China. It is widely used in petrochemical, transportation, construction and other civil or industrial application and can meet the requirement of thermal insulation, reducing temperature and saving energy. 

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