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LED lamp dissipation and Heat Dissipation Coating Analysis

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                            LED lamp dissipation and Heat Dissipation Coating Analysis
    LED has been a new generation of lighting technology. With the power increases, it arouse another problem,that is the heat dissipation problem.The using life of LED is tightly connected with its temperature. The LED will have a shorter life with a poor heat disspation.It is different from incandescent light bulb or fluorescent lamp, although they have a big amount of heat loss, but most of the energy has been radiated through infrared, the light source only counts a little. However, aparted from those evergy which has been consumpted as visible light, all of the others turns into heat. In recent years, the electrical devices tend to be high integration density, thus it is essential to solve the heat disspation problem once we wang to develop its property.
Why LED generate heat:
     The reason LED gerenate heat is :
     Electric energy partialy turns into light energy. The efficiency is only about 20~30%
    Several ways to solve the problem:
1.Conductive Plastic Case: Adding thermal conductive material during injection molding to improve the themal concuction and heat dissipation.
2.Airflow mechanics : Using special shape to create air convection, This is the most economical way to save cost.
3.Aluminium cooling fin : This is the most common used way of  heat dissipation, using aluminium cooling fin as part of shell to increase heat dissipating area.
    New way to do it : ZS-411 thermal dissipation & radiation coating
    The coat of coating has high thermal conductivity and relatively big area of dispersing heat. Meanwhile it has high radiation rate in a wide range of wavelength (1~20μm).Thus it can remarkbly increase the heat dissipation ability.

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