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Time for Low VOC Waterborne Anti-Corrosion Has Come

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     The waterborne coating uses water as dispersion medium.It ia a  clean,eco-friendly,multi-functional coating.To develop the waterborne coating can effectively recure carbon emission with great economic and social significance. According to our analysis, Chinese industry has deamnd of approximately 2 million tons of industrial coating each year. Half them can be replaced by waterborne industrial coating. What’s more, the demand for is rising at a speed of 30% each year.
    With the development of societial technology, people are  having higher demand for safety and health. When they are choosing and purchasing coating, Health and eco-friendliness  is main factor during selection .Waterborne coating can largely reduce emission of VOC and then reduce pollution and hazard to people’s health.Our company’s waterborne anti-corrosion coating is right designed to meet the high demand of health and safety. It has great anti-corrosion performance and no volatile matters.It can resist temperature of 2600℃.

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