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ZS-1022 furnace lining protective coating

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     After a long time higt temperature combustion , the refrectory material would apparently get crispy,cracked,peeled and aging. Such problem would decrease the safety,usage and energy saving properties of the furnace.Once such problem happens, It takes long time to repair the furnace which would affect the normal production. On the other hand, it would cost more reflectory material which would cause financial damage for the company.
      The ZS-1022 furnace lining protective coating developed by ZS D&R team has following properties: high temperature resistance, thermal-shock resistance, high adhesive force, good performace in heat preservation by thermal barrier, aging-resistance, easy application.
     It can directly sprayed on the lining surface of your furnace. All kinds of material is applicatble. Insulating brick,custables,metal,ceramic,refrectory fibre,quartz sand,carborundum,quartz glass etc. It can well protect the lining material by fornming a super dense integrated cladding like a siren suit. It can effectively extend the service time of lining material and reduce the damage ratio.
     Here are main componets of ZS-1022 furnace lining protective coating.
Modified high temperature film-forming solution,ceramic oxide,carborundum,rare earth oxide,ceramic fiber. ZS-1022 was formed by  polymerizaton from those inorganic materials after high speed dispersion.
1.thermal conductivity: 0.1 W/m.K
2.Coating working terperature : ≤1800℃
3.Density :1.8g/cm3
4.The coating has a good thermal shock resistance and seismic resistance.NO cracking ,Nor Peeling.
5.Good performance in high temperature oxidation corrosion resistance
6.Adhesive Force :  Grade I
7.coefficient of linear expansion:10×10-6/℃
8.bending strength:1300℃,260/Mpa
9.Tensile strength duration : 1000℃,1000H ,90/Mpa
10.Mpa : 3.7×105/Mpa
Spray the well mixed coating directly onto the inorganic surface of furnace. Foreign matter (which has no adhesive force) is not allowed before spraying. Choose the different type of spray gun according to the required area. The coating thickness should be more than 3mm, the application temperature should be more than 15℃ in open air. Remain at least 48 hours for the coating to dry out. ZS-1022 is waterborne inorganic material.NO Volatile matter. Once skin contacted,it can be cleaned by water.



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