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ZSWH invites you to build a better China with us

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ZSWH invites you to build a better China with us
    Since the founding of our company, We have been devoting ourselves to saving energy and reducing carbon emmisions in various industries. We have successfully invented many kinds of coatings to reduce polution and decrease energy waste. For example : heat resistant thermal barrier coating, thermal reflective coating, acid-proof alkaki-proof anti-corrossion coating, high-temperature insulation coating etc. We choose innoxious substance like graphite,fibre,ceramic etc. to be our raw material.Most of our coatings use water as solvent. Our lab is still trying to make all of our products be pollution-free coatings.
    In order to create a “safe,energy saving,eco-friendly” Chinese Industry, we invite  friends from all walks of life to cooperate with us. Let’s make more contribution to the development of Chinese industry and build a better China ! 

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