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ZSWH R&D team invented ZS-220 ultrathin thermal barrier coating

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   The aerospace industry has a stringent requiment on the weight and the volume of the thermal barrier material it applies. In order to meet such stringent requiment , the R&D team of ZSWH Chemical co.,ltd has invented the ZS-220 ultrathin thermal Barrier coating (operating temperature : under 150℃).
   In temperature between 150℃-50℃, lower than 75% of heat is transferred by conduction and advection,while the ratio of heat radiation is more than 25%. According to such principle, our R&D team combined the advantages of thermal barrier coating and thermal reflective coating and invented the ZS-220 ultrathin thermal barrier coating. It has a high heat reflectivity and can prevent heat transfer. Thus such coating can protect the surface of object against high temperature in surroundings and solar radiation.
    With a high infrared reflectivity and Hemisphere Emissivity , a very thin layer of ZS-220 can have a good warm-keeping performance. Except for aerospace industry, such coating can also be used in some civil buildings and industrial equipment, The ZS-220 has filled the domestic blank and pushed the thermal barrier material technology to a new level. In conclusion, the ZS-220 ultrathin thermal barrier coating can be widely applied in various realm due to its superior performance.

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