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    ZS-1 TBC (600℃) is made from synthetic silicate solution, aluminum silicate fiber, heat reflective materials and selected hollow glass bead. All of these components are specially synthesized by ZSWH Chemical Company. There is only one inorganic component in the coating.At high temperature or normal temperature, there is not any peculiar smell emitting from the coating, and any harmful substances generated in the coating.

    Since the thermal conductivity of ZS-1 TBC(600℃) is only 0.03W/m.K(tested in 70℃), the coating barrier can effectively inhibit thermal radiation and conduction. Its thermal barrier efficiency can reach about 90%. For high-temperature objects, it can prevent thermal radiation and heat from losing. For low-temperature objects, it can reserve cold and effectively inhibit the loss of cold caused by environmental thermal radiation. Besides, it can prevent the objects from generating condensed water.

The membrane-forming material of ZS-1(600℃) is made from inorganic silicate solution and its filler is made from some solid materials of hollow glass nano-beads, aluminum silicate fiber and thermo-reflective energy-saving materials.

All the components of this coating are inorganic materials. Among these components, hollow glass nano-beads constitute more than 80%, and the scree size is more than 80 mesh. After the air inside the nano-beads are heated, there is no thermal convection anymore.Nor is there thermal convection in the air layer among these nano-beads. Even if there is difference in temperature, there is no thermal convection.

Sustained by the inorganic materials, the coating functioned as a thermal barrier made of static air and inorganic materials. Supplemented with heat-reflective energy-saving materials, the thermal conductivity of the coating is close to the thermal conductivity in the vacuum. The low thermal conductivity also contributes to the good effect thermal barrier.

According to the above structure, ZS-1(600℃) works very similar to hundreds of Thermos bottles stacked together. Since some fiber inorganic materials has been added to the coating, the coating is added in the , cracks can be avoided on each coat and the effect of thermal shock resistance is good.
1) Thermal insulation: This coating can effectively prevent heat transfer and keep the inherent temperature and energy of the object, in order to achieve the effects of thermal insulation, cold keeping, anti freezing or reducing heat radiation,etc.

2) Adhesion: This coating can 100% attached to surfaces of objects. With its strong bond, it can be completely bonded with materials and firmly attached to surfaces of objects.

3) Tensile strength and elasticity:The coating can prevent expansion and shrinkage of objects,which is due to different temperatures caused by cold and heat.It has good tensile strength and elasticity.

4) Hazards: This coating does not emit any peculiar odor, does not contain or generate any harmful VOC substance, carcinogen or any other harmful polymers, decomposition and by-products.

5) Stability: The chemical property of this coating is stable, and it does not react with any other substances. It is  not affected by acid, alkali or other corrosive substances.

6) Abrasion resistance: The ceramic particles in the coating are closely stacked while the solvent is composed and strengthened. The abrasion resistance is enough good to be 3-4 times of ordinary steel.

7) Excellent toughness: This coating can effectively prevent fracture caused by fight or thermal shock when it is used.
When this coating is coated on the surfaces of high temperature pipes, molds, boxes, equipment, furnaces (inside and outside), containers, it can effectively inhibit the heat radiation and heat loss, heat insulation rate can reach more than 90%.

1) At a normal temperature, coat this coating on the surface of the tested object in the thickness 3mm. As a result, the temperature of the surface can go down from 600℃ to 250℃.

2) Coat this coating on the surface of furnace chamber or the outer surface of  a kiln, in the thickness of 6mm, then it can reduce heat loss by more than 30%.

3) Coat the coating on the mold at a high temperature, then it can reduce heat loss to improve energy efficiency.By using this coating,  energy saving rate can be increased by more than 90%. This coating can also improve mold forming rate to greatly reduce defective products.

4) In the condition of normal temperature, coat the coating on the box where there is -30℃, in the thickness of 10mm. Within 24 hours, the temperature inside the box is kept lower than 30℃.

5) The chloride ion content of the coatings is 0, then it can prevent the wet chloride or sulfide in the air or process moving into the metal surface covered by the coating. As a result, it brings a good effect of anti-corrosion for metals. Besides, it does not cause embrittlement of metallic weld.

6) The coating can be used for flue, air duct, wind shield, funnel machine and other equipment. This coating also has an excellent performance of wear-resistance and impact resistance while it is insulating heat.

7) The insulation coefficient of this coating is enough high to have a very good insulation effect at a  high temperature. Therefore, the coating functions well in the application of induction heating equipment.

8) The coating has no peculiar odor at room temperature or high temperature.Being heated, with high hardness, it does not deform and decompose.

9) When this coating is coated on steam pipelines or other equipment at a high temperature, it functions not only heat insulation, but also strong resistance to hydrolysis corrosion. It’s service life is long.

Temperature drop range after using ZS-1 TBC (600℃):
coating thickness: 10mm 8mm 6mm 4mm 2mm 1mm
go down from 500℃ to: 45℃ 55℃ 80℃ 130℃ 200℃ 300℃
coating thickness: 10mm 8mm 6mm 4mm 2mm 1mm
go down from 200℃ to: 40℃ 50℃ 65℃ 85℃ 135℃ 150℃
coating thickness: 10mm 8mm 6mm 4mm 2mm 1mm
go down from 100℃ to: 35℃ 40℃ 50℃ 60℃ 75℃ 85℃

Note: All the test sheets are metals. The data are measured after the coating is completely dry, in standard conditions. Due to different heat insulation conditions, the actual data may be different from the above data. All the above data is only for reference.

Spreading Rate of Coatings:
coating thickness: 12mm 10mm 8mm 6mm 4mm 2mm 1mm 0.5mm
cover area: 0.08㎡ 0.1㎡ 0.125㎡ 0.17㎡ 0.25㎡ 0.5㎡ 1㎡ 2㎡

Note: The above area data are the covered area when 1 kg ZS-1 TBC (600℃) is coated on the smooth surface of the object. The above data is only for reference.
packing material tin
wall thickness 0.5mm
Highest stacking layer 5 layers
Bucket upper diameter Φ300mm
Bucket lower diameter Φ280mm
height 360mm
Net weight of coating 15kg
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1) For kilns or furnace chambers at high temperature: This coating can be coated on  bricks, insulating cotton, castables, magnesia, quartz, silicon carbide, metals and other materials.

2) For equipment at high temperature: This coating can be coated on valves, molds, pipes, electric ovens, induction ovens, rotary kilns, tank and other equipment.

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